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Mohanji center miru

Mohanji center miru

Mohanji center miru je magičen kotiček v Sveti Ani v Slovenskih goricah. 

V objemu potočka in gozda prirejamo meditacije, delavnice in druženja, da bi pripomogli k opolnomočenju in stabilnost obiskovalcev.

Ob podpori blagodejnih energij in lepoti tamkajšnje narave lahko posameznik odkrije notranjo lepoto in globok mir. Če le opremo svoj um in srce, obisk Mohanji centra miru prinese v naše življenje svežino in navdih za pozitivno spremembo. 

"Hodi po tej Zemlji, kot da sploh ne bi hodil. Bodi nežen. Bodi prijazen. Ljudje pripadamo miru. Zemlja ne pripada nikomur. Bodi mir. Bodi človek. Živi v duhu ljubezni. Bodi balzam za rane Zemlje in ne brazgotina". 


Energy at the Mohanji Peace Centre is unique. There is a powerful “stream?” of energy that travels from the building at the top of the land all the way to the pond at the bottom. The pond itself is a powerful energy point. With Mohanji’s energy work and all the programs and events held in his consciousness, the energy of the centre is enhancing day by day. We feel rejuvenated and light just by taking a walk on the land. Our spiritual practices, meditations, yoga or uplifting gatherings get a whole new dimension when held at the Mohanji Peace Centre.  

Five elements

All the creation consists of five elements: earth, water, fire, air and space. Our body is made of elements. Even our character is a combination of elements. When we honour and connect to the five elements they become our allies and we benefit on many levels of our existence. Mohanji Peace Centre provides the experience of connecting to all the elements and aligning them in our system. When we feed the fishes in the pond at the bottom of the land, we are honoring and connecting to the water element. Many blockages and trapped emotions that we store will be released just from feeding beings of nature. Similarly when we feed the birds all our organs that consist from the element of air – our heart and our lungs – get benefited. It brings levitational energy to our life. We feel light, cheerful and free. Feeding cows, dears, aints and other creatures of earth makes us stable. There is eternal fire in the centre as well. For the individual transformation a lot of inner storage has to leave us. Fire is important to destroy all the impurities that we are leaving behind.


Ahimsa – nonviolence is one of the core values of our centre. All beings of nature are equal and deserve freedom and respect. Lifestyle of ahimsa in thoughts, words and actions is necessary for our alignment, purity and spiritual progress. Animals living at the centre are free to roam around and treated with love and respect. We are serving only vegan food. By living ahimsa we maintain our own purity and are sending an important message to the world.